Year 1P

Year 1P

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Week 3 information

Good evening parents,

I hope you enjoyed some of the great weather on the weekend and had a wonderful mothers day filled with LOVE!

Mental Maths

From all reports, most of the children loved the Mental Maths last week and were very keen to complete unit 2 this week! If your children finish unit 2 before Friday, please pop it in the purple box at the front of the room. Thank you to those who gave instant feedback to their children by marking their work. We very much appreciate it.

Next week for Science we will be looking at snails - how the move, what they look like and where they live. We are also going to (attempt) to build a snail enclosure this Friday so we would love to have as many guests in our 'hotel' as possible. If you have any snails at home, could you please bring them to school this week for our Science lessons. We would love to have a hands on experience with our slimy friends.

New friends in Year One!

Image result for spiny leaf bugs

We now have two new additions to the Year 1P classroom. We have Leaf girl and Stick girl, two spiny leaf bugs who are living in our class. Feel free to come and have a look and meet them! The children are loving our Science unit on mini-beasts!

Constable Care visit

This Friday, the children in Year One will be visited by Constable Care on how they get to school. They will be learning how they can travel to school safely and also talk about road safety. Keep an eye out for photos of this great community initiative.

Walk to School Day

Please refer to the newsletter with information about walk to school day this Friday. I will hopefully be joining the children from Cape Rise!

Reading Testing

Over the next few weeks I will be testing the children on their reading as a part of their final semester grade for reports. Please ensure that your child brings their reading file to school each day as I will endeavour to change their book to their new reading level as soon as they have been tested. I have loved seeing the children's growth since the beginning of the year!

If you have any questions, please email me.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Miss Prowse

Monday, 6 May 2019

Week 2 information

Good afternoon parents,

A few messages about this week...

Targeting Mental Maths

Today your child would have received their Targeting Mental Maths book. They have been very excited to get their Maths book, but please only complete unit 1 by this Friday. There will be a purple box at the front of the room that the children place their books into when they have completed the unit for the week. If they finish early, please feel free to pop it in the next day.

Please remember this book is a revision of the Pre-Primary concepts taught last year. If your child is having a lot of trouble with any of the questions, please let me know.

Comprehension Packs

The comprehension packs were a bit late this week - this was my fault as they were so neatly tucked under the front desk by someone and I completely forgot about them, my apologies! Please have them back by Wednesday to avoid the horrible 'late PLD comprehension pack' text.

Mothers Day Breakfast and Mass

Please come along to our Mother's day breakfast at 7.30am in the Hall this Friday. We also have a Mass down at the church beginning at 9.30 and would love you to join us if you can.

Sight words

Please continue to practise the sight words at home as you have been doing. The lovely Mrs. Hughes managed to test almost everyone last week and although there were some students who needed a bit more practise on some words, I have been very impressed with the children's progress so far this term.

Please be aware that the coloured sight words are split into two sets, with the first set being 10 words and the next set being 15 words. This is to ensure your child is getting all of the sight words correct and so they have a more attainable way to practise and be tested, instead of 25 at a time. 

Thank you for your ongoing support

Miss Prowse 

Week 1 Merit Award winner

Congratulations to Aurelia who was the week 1 Merit Award winner!

You are a year one super star!

Miss Prowse

Monday, 29 April 2019

Prayer Liturgy this Friday 3rd May

Good afternoon parents,

This Friday the Year One students will be leading the prayer service based on the resurrection of Jesus. We would ask that all the children come clothes from Jesus' time. This can be something as simple as putting on a sheet and a tea towel around your child's head. Please see some examples below:

Image result for shepherd costume children

Image result for shepherd costume children

As it will be the casuals for Catholics day, the children may wear the costumes over their free dress.

Thank you for your ongoing support

Mrs. Birch and Miss Prowse

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Welcome back to Term 2

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to Term 2.  I hope you have had a very restful and relaxing holiday and enjoyed some of this stunning weather! After two weeks off,  I'm sure the children will be ready to get back into it!

This term we have a focus on Mini beasts in Science, Aboriginal Culture and places of significance in our local environment in our HASS and Art units. We will also be looking at ANZAC day and how the importance of this day is recognised in our history.

We will also be looking at the narrative writing structure, the report writing structure and using the Talk 4 Writing Program to help the children learn these writing concepts. In Maths, we will be exploring the concepts of money, skip counting, the relationship between addition and subtraction, time and chance of events occurring.

We will also send home a news roster for this term, however, news groups have not changed. News will begin on Monday week 2.

Casuals for Catholic Day

A reminder that this Friday the 3rd of May is our Casuals for Catholics day where the children may wear free dress for a gold coin donation. This donation will be going towards helping families within the Bunbury diocese. Hopefully some of the children will be sporting their football colours for a big win this weekend...GO the Dockers...and I suppose... the Eagles too.

Below is some important information about homework and some of the programs and events that we will be running in class.

Targeting Mental maths book

The children are very excited to be starting their Targeting Mental Math book NEXT week (week 2) which was purchased at the beginning of the year.

Mental maths such as addition and subtraction, counting on, sequencing of numbers and number recognition are some of the concepts that we have covered in class. These will be reinforced in our Targeting Mental Maths book that will help your child gain confidence and apply mathematical concepts in a fun and supportive way. Please be aware that book is seen as a revision of concepts learnt in pre-primary, so it should be very achievable for them to complete at home.

In supporting our Math program in class, we would like for your child to complete one unit over one week. When completing questions with your child, we would ask that you support them by reading questions if necessary and marking the questions to give your child instant feedback on how they went and writing their score at the bottom of the page. 

An example of one unit

We encourage you to use a combination of visual and manipulative tools such as number lines, hundreds charts or counters to help your child complete these tasks.

Please do not spend more than 10 minutes at a time completing these activities and make it a part of your child's reading and sight word routine.

At the end of the week, the books will be collected by myself and checked to make sure your child understands the concepts covered. We ask that your child does not complete more than one unit a week as to ensure we can review these concepts in class if necessary.

Unit One will be due at the end of week 2 (Friday 10th May)

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me.

UR STRONG Friendology 101 JR

This is the wonderful friendship and social emotional program that we will be continuing this term to support the children in helping them make better friends and strengthen and foster healthy relationships.

Within the program the children may be starting to use the language of UR Strong: Friendology including: 'Friendship fire', 'Talk it out', 'Quick comebacks', 'Mean on purpose', 'healthy and unhealthy friendships' and the 'Friend-o-cycle'. We will be providing some information to parents on the blog as we complete the lessons of the program.

Parent Roster

As we often have double parent help across the two year one classes, Mrs. Birch and myself have decided that we will have one central parent roster for BOTH classes that will be located outside on the pin up board. Parent roster will start in week 2 and will run from 8.45-11.00am. I ask that you only put one name in each of the spaces and you only put your name down once as there were some parents who missed out last term.

If you have any questions please email me.

Thank you for your ongoing support

Miss Prowse

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Exploring Data

In the last week of term, the children learnt about how they can read and interpret data as a part of our Maths unit on Data collection.

The children enjoyed participating in hands on activities in small groups grouping types of shapes and problem solving how they can represent this information in a graph.

The conversations and skills that the children took part in during this unit was a great indication of their understanding of data representation.

The children were then asked to formulate questions about their data to present to other groups of children, a great thing to watch!

We also loved finding our our favourite ice cream flavours and graphing our information on a picture graph. No surprises that bubblegum was the class favourite!

We had lots of fun learning about Data!

Miss Prowse

Week 9 Merit Award winner and Star Citizen for Compassion

Congratulations to our Week 9 Merit Award winner Jaxon and our Star Citizen for Compassion Zoe! 

You are both Year One super stars! 

Miss Prowse