Year 1P

Year 1P

Monday, 24 July 2017

Week 2 information and some clever Mathematicians

Good evening parents,

I can't believe that we have been back at school for a week already! The children have wasted no time at all and settled back into routines extremely well.

Think Mentals
Units 7 and 8 of Think Mentals are due this Friday. If you are unable to hand it in for any reason, please let me know. From the feedback I am hearing from children, they are quite enjoying completing the units and some are even breezing through them quite quickly.

Sight words
We are right back into sight word testing and Mrs Hughes has made a wonderful start in helping the children get prepared for their sight word tests. I am currently in the process of testing the children on their first 100 sight words - to see what they have retained and if they are using them in their writing. You may have also noticed our new desk mat designs which now include 'personal spelling words'. Each week, I will go through their writing and choose words that they may have spelt incorrectly so when this word comes up again, they will know how to spell it. This also provides them with a personalise spelling list which will aid their vocabulary and learn new sound patterns.

Hands down Subtraction stars
Over the last week, the Year Ones have been learning the skill of subtraction. We have learnt the strategy of 'Think big, count back' using a number line. The children have been taught to always start from the bigger number, use pictures to help them solve the problem and also use the jump strategy when subtracting numbers more than 10.

The class loved working in small group with myself,  to deconstruct how we can use a Think board to show our understanding of subtraction. We wrote a story, showed our understanding using hands on manipulative materials and we also drew a picture. The boys got very creative with their sum of 14-5 writing a story about a boy who ate boogies - gotta love the creativity!

See some of the pictures below of the children working together in small group activities.

We have some very clever mathematicians in our class!

Thanks you for your ongoing support

Miss Prowse