Year 1P

Year 1P

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

We are smarty pants in Year 1P

We have had such fun reading the book Smarty Pants by Joy Cowley last week! We got to read together as a class and we even had some very clever people read on their own in the big book corner!

Throughout the book, a very funny clown called Smarty Pants tells us what he can do....he can ski, swim, jump, play music and at the end, he shows us he can swing....right into a tree!

We found out that all these doing words are called verbs! We learnt a rhyme that goes like this:
'A verb is a word it's an action word, if you can do it, then you do it, if you do it, it's a verb,'
We created ourselves into smarty pants and wrote about some things we are good at!

Here are some of the Smarty Pants in our class! Don't you just love their faces!

We made smarty pants biscuits and the children loved decorating them and putting the rainbow patches on their pants.

We then recreated the sentence "I am a smarty pants see me..." And the children had to use a verb to finish their sentence.

We had lots of fun learning about smarty pants!

See the video below which shows another story of smarty pants!

Miss Prowse