Year 1P

Year 1P

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Data Delight!

This week the children in Year 1P have been learning how to read, analyse and interpret data. When we first began out unit, we looked at our learning intentions and success criteria. This helped us to understand what data was and how we know we are successful when we represent, analyse and interpret it. Here is an example of our learning.

We then talked about ways we can gather data and we found the best way was to ask questions to find an answer. After this discussion we got down to the fun stuff...analysing data from an m&m packet. The children had to first estimate how many m&m' s were  in the packet and then they used tally marks to represent the colours of each of the m&m's. The children then had to represent their tallies in a bar graph and give it a title, labels on the side and bottom and then analyse their data by answering questions.

The children loved this activity and found it extra delicious! Here are some photos of their findings.

The children have also looked at random data and how they can analyse it in a picture graph. The children were asked to roll a dice with different coloured cars on it. The aim of the game was to see which coloured car would win the race to the end. It was interesting for us to find that no one's picture graph was the same! Here are some pictures of us playing our data race game :)

We have loved learning about Data!

Miss Prowse