Year 1P

Year 1P

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Place Value fun in Year One!

During Math time last week, the Year One children learnt about the concept of Place Value.

This relates to the Year One curriculum outcome of :

Recognise, model, read, write and order numbers to at least 100. Locate these numbers on a number line. (ACMNA013)

The children found out that place value means the value of a digit within a number, for example we found out that the number 64 was made up of 6 tens and 4 ones. We even had some very clever people who made some numbers over 1000!

We explored this concept using online games, songs, manipulative materials and then attempted to consolidate our learning with some Mathmatics activities on the iPad.

Below are some photos of the children exploring numbers using MAB's (Multi-based Arithmic Blocks)  - the materials you might have used in your time at school! We also played some great place value games in our Math books and we loved expanding our numbers!

We have been learning this great place Value song in class (be careful it really gets in your head) and I said to the children that I would put it on the blog so they could show you.

If you would like to play some of the Place Value games at home, please click on the links below:

Place Value Fruit Splat

Interactive MAB’s

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and I will see you tomorrow.

Many thanks

Miss Prowse