Year 1P

Year 1P

Monday, 25 June 2018

Grandparents Day 2018

Grandparents Day was a huge success for Year 1P we had so many wonderful grandparents come in to celebrate this wonderful OLC tradition. The day started with a beautiful prayer service dedicated to our beautiful Grandparents. The slide show that Mrs. Meyer put together was absolutely stunning and I can definitely vouch for some tears eyes in the crowd - including my own! The Grandparents then enjoyed a delicious morning tea and came into the classroom to participate in some activities.

The children loved showing their work to their Grandparents, painting a picture with them, playing some Maths and sight words games and creating a pic collage of photos of them.  The smiles from both children and grandparents alike were a wonderful sight to see!

A great morning was had by all, below are some pictures from the day.

Thank you to those who provided some delicious morning tea and thank you again to the outstanding Grandparents!

Miss Prowse