Year 1P

Year 1P

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Tick tock goes the Year One clock!

We have has so much fun learning about time in Year One! We have participated in a variety of hands on activities which help us learn about both digital and analogue clocks. We have especially loved making times on the clock and learning that the big hand points to the minutes and the little hand points to the hours.

The children have played games, used mini clocks to make time and have used the 'telling time' app on the I Pads to explore how we can tell the time.

By the end of Year One, the children are expected to:

  • Tell time to the half-hour(ACMMG020):  reading time on analogue and digital clocks and observing the characteristics of half-hour times
 Below are some pictures of the children learning and experimenting with time!

The children have also enjoyed playing on the interactive clock and participated in a variety of time games which you can access below:

Interactive Clock

Clock splat game

Telling the time with AM and PM

We have loved learning about time!

Miss Prowse